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Manoir du Stang

La Forêt Fouesnant - Brittany

Hotel: Open from April 28 to November 5, 2023

Activities: Every day from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Discover the museums around the Manoir

Fishing museum (Concarneau - 11 kms )

The museum is housed in a historic building, the former Concarneau fish auction, giving it an authentic atmosphere. Through interactive exhibits, collections of objects, photographs and testimonials, the museum traces the evolution of fishing from its beginnings to the present day.


Visitors can discover the world of fishermen and learn more about fishing techniques, the vessels used and the traditions associated with this activity. The museum also highlights the economic and social importance of fishing in the Concarneau region.


In addition to permanent exhibitions, the museum also features temporary exhibitions exploring different aspects of fishing and maritime culture. Animations and workshops are also organized to allow visitors to immerse themselves further in this world.


The fishing museum offers an informative and enriching experience for visitors interested in the history, culture and traditions of fishing in Brittany. It showcases the region's maritime heritage and pays tribute to the fishermen who have contributed to its development.

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Faiencerie Henriot

Océanopolis ( 86 kms )

Since its opening in June 1990, Océanopolis has introduced its 3.5 million visitors to the sea in Brittany and the workings of the oceans.


With two new pavilions devoted to polar and tropical ecosystems, a completely refurbished temperate pavilion, a 3D cinema, stores and restaurants, all surrounded by green spaces, the new Océanopolis offers visitors a one-day journey to the heart of the oceans.




Website and online reservations:

musée de la peche concarneau
musée de la peche concarneau

Faïencerie Henriot

Faïencerie Henriot, also known as Faïencerie d'Art de Quimper, is an earthenware factory located in Quimper, Brittany, France. Founded in 1690, it is one of the oldest earthenware factories in operation in Europe.

The Henriot faience factory is famous for its production of traditional Breton earthenware, characterized by colorful motifs and detailed illustrations depicting scenes of daily life, folk characters, Breton landscapes and animals.

Henriot's craftsmen perpetuate time-honored manufacturing techniques, notably hand-painting, giving each piece a unique quality and authenticity. Decorations are created using natural pigments, then the pieces are glazed and fired at high temperature to obtain the characteristic earthenware finish.

Henriot products are highly prized by collectors and art lovers for their beauty and cultural heritage. The faïencerie offers a wide range of products, from plates and dishes to vases, decorative tiles and figurines.

Today, the Henriot earthenware factory is still in business and continues to perpetuate the tradition of Breton earthenware, while innovating with new creations and contemporary artistic collaborations.


Official website:

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