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Exceptional beaches and places

Manoir du Stang

La Forêt Fouesnant - Brittany

Hotel: Open from April 28 to November 5, 2023

Activities: Every day from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Discover the most unusual places on the Brittany coast

« I find the wild, the primitive. When my hooves echo on this granite floor, I hear the muffled, dull, powerful sound I seek in painting. » Paul Gauguin

Crédits: Iles du Ponant

The Forêt Bay (3km)

From the Pointe de Beg Meil to the Fort du Cabellou, follow the 30km customs trail (GR34).

The coves of Kersaux, St Laurent, St jean, Vieux Port and Penfoulic will introduce you to a jagged coastline with marshes and a rich fauna.

You'll also come across oyster farmers who will allow seafood lovers to sample oysters, langoustines, crabs and shrimp in front of their parks uncovered at low tide.

For the more sporty or adventurous, the bay can be explored by sail, canoe or boat.

Credits: Fouesnant les Glenan

Pointe du Raz ( 70 kms )

At the very tip of Cap Sizun, the Pointe du Raz is one of those grandiose places where the land gives the ocean its last stand.

As if stubborn Breton granite refuses to leave the sea in peace, it pushes forcefully into its domain, tearing the edges with its asperities. It never acknowledges its suzerainty. He pits his formidable mass against its fury.


When it finally calms down, it claws and scratches at it with his many spikes and the rocks that extend from them.

Glénan Archipelago (from Port-La-Forêt)

Made up of nine main islands and a multitude of islets, Les Glénan is a unique archipelago in the south of the bay.

Renowned for its sailing school and clear waters ideal for scuba diving thanks to Maerl ("Breton coral"), it is also compared by sailors to French Polynesia.

Its turquoise waters, white sand and "la chambre" (which can be crossed on foot at low tide during spring tides) make it one of the locals' favorite haunts.

Whether you're a hiker, a swimmer, a sportsman or a nature lover, don't miss an excursion to this legendary and mythical spot!

Crique de la baie de la Forêt, Fouesnant

Mousterlin (12km)

The Pointe de Mousterlin, which juts out into the sea like the prow of a ship, is located in Fouesnant.

Its lagoon, the mer blanche, stretches from the tip to Bénodet, with a landscape that changes with the tides.

Its dune, sheltering it from the ocean, faces the Iles des Moutons, with a beach of fine white sand stretching for several kilometers on either side.

Its marshes or polders offer a soothing plunge between land and sea to discover a biodiversity where birds are king: egret, grey heron, red-breasted merganser and even Siberian goose!

Credits: résidence du phare
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